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  • Transportation Bill (Including Ex-Im Resurrection) Is Everything That’s Terrible About Congress

    This is what happens when you politicize infrastructure, instead of letting users pay for it read more »

  • Donald Trump Is Leading in the Polls. He's Still Not Going to Win the Nomination.

    Primary polling taken this far out tells us virtually nothing about who will ultimately triumph. read more »

  • Hillary's Solar Scheme Is Central Planning at its Worst

    Why privilege solar over all the other technologies, including some that may not even be invented yet? read more »

  • Cops as Criminals

    Police regularly violate citizens' rights and get away with it. read more »

  • New York's Crazy Plan to Experiment With a $15 Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

    read more »

  • Kelo Decision Coming to Big Screen in Little Pink House

    Producer Courtney Balaker talks about new movie that will tell story of eminent domain abuse. read more »



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